Our Moonshine

Simple. Pure. Legend.
LBL “1950s Style”
The classic standard of all things traditionally moonshine. Smooth, no bitter aftertaste, and no extreme bite. The simplest and best that moonshine can get.
Available in 375ml and One-liter jugs
100 proof
The same authentic recipe as our 1950’s style shine, but with an added charcoal filtering process.

Yes… It’s the long way around but we think the unique flavor is worth the wait and the extra work.

Available in 375ml and One-liter jugs
80 proof
LBL Apple Sin
Strong taste of apples and cinnamon really stand out in this moonshine. Nothing artificial here, only the best and most pure ingredients to give you the best and most pure shine around.
Available in 375ml and 750ml jugs
24 proof
LBL Apple Sin “Nitro”
Could very well be the strongest apple and cinnamon shine out there. We worked extra hard to give this as much kick as our 1950’s style shine. Apple Sin “Nitro” is destined to become the stuff of legend.
Available in 375ml jugs
82 proof