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Silver Trail Distillery and LBL Moonshine products are available at retailers in the following highlighted states. States colored in a bright copper color currently sell our products. States that are blue will be selling our products soon.


Find your closest retail store
In Kentucky
Republic National Distributing
Telephone: 502-254-8600
In Illinois
Maxwell Street Trading
Telephone: 630-628-0645
In Tennessee
Ajax Distributing
Telephone: 931-648-0645
Or contact us directly
Silver Trail Distillery
Telephone: 270-474-3052
On the map we could blue in the “coming soon” states IN – TX – FL- GA – MO – KS and have a “Available soon” listing header and list those states. Lastly to on the last half or quarter of the page put “To request us in your favorite store – Download and print this handy request form: Please consider carrying the most decorated moonshine in International tastes tests and maker of the world’s top two flavored whiskies – LBL Apple Sin Moonshine in 24 and 82 proof and the family recipe LBL “1950’s Style” 100 Proof Moonshine.